How to Write a Perfect Blog Post as a beginner ?

So you want to write a perfect blog post ?

Writing good blog posts is very important for ranking your website in google.

There are about 70 million blog posts being published each month on WordPress alone WordPress users – data from

To rank rank on search, that’s a tough competition. Your content must stand out from the crowd. And thus you need to write a perfect blog post

When I started blogging, i didn’t know to write a perfect article for my website. I wrote many articles but it didn’t rank on google.

Did some research on my own and asked every experts how do i write a high quality content that will rank on google.

I got many answers and tried everything. Most of them didn’t work and i kept trying new strategies.

After trying everything i got the right formula of writing perfect content for my blog.

Many articles of my blog ranked number 1 on google because of this strategy.

If you are having the same problem i have the best solution for it.

Today i will share the pro tips to write a perfect blog post which will rank on google.

And Don’t worry about your writing skills or how may people will read this. Just keep posting in this manner and you will succeed.

These tips worked well for me and now my articles are ranking high on google.

If you follow these tips without skipping anything i guarantee you can write a perfect blog post that will rank on Google.

How to write a perfect blog post ?

  1. Choose a topic in which you are interested
  2. Find a good title for your post
  3. Write and find more information about your topic
  4. Optimize your blog post for featured snippets
  5. Do keyword research
  6. Know your audience
  7. Take care of on page SEO
  8. Attractive design
  9. Add stats or images related to the topic
  10. Link to other resources
  11. Answer most commonly asked questions
  12. Write deep content

The above mentioned points are just basic things. In this article we will discuss everything for producing a perfect blog post which will rank on Google. We will be also talking about all SEO optimizations.

So now let’s jump on to the formula for writing perfect blog post.

1. Choose an interested topic

Choose an interested topic

First thing to write a perfect blog post is finding a good topic. The topic which you select must have enough audience and you should know a lot about it. You don’t have to know everything about it you can do a little research.

But you should be interested and passionate about the topic for writing. If you are working on something you like, you would be able to put the hard work.

Starting to write blog post in a topic which you are not much interested and writing just to make money might not help you finish the post and make it perfect.

When you do something you love, you wont hesitate to work and will be more interesting even if does not give you something in return for long time.

Also the topic should have enough searchers in google.

2. Find a good title for your post

If the title is too competitive, make the title more specific to a topic. Title plays crucial role in your search rankings. Here are some tips to optimize your tittle perfectly.

Choose unique title

If you want to rank your article easily on Google your title should stand out of the crowd in the SERP. Go google your topic and look at all results. Analyze their title. Find a unique title that is perfect for the topic.

  • Should contain keyword
choose title for writing perfect blog post
Example for title with keyword

Keyword optimization in the title is very important for ranking higher in google. In Google If you go and search the topic you are going to write about, what you will find similar in all the results is that their title contain the keyword which they aim to rank for.

For ranking for specific term you should include that in the title. We will talk about keyword optimization later in this article. By reading that you will understand how to do it in an effective way. Also how to optimize it in your article.

  • Make the title more specific

If the keyword you chose is too competitive, then make the keyword specific. Also make the title specific to that keyword.

I will explain this with example. Let’s say you are having a blog which is about food and recipes, and you are going to write an article about “best food for weight loss” and that is your keyword.

That is a broad topic and is way too competitive and as a newbie you wont be able rank on these terms.

So you can narrow down your keyword and make it more specific like “best food for weight loss in stomach” or “fat burning food for weight loss”.

Now the keyword will be less competitive because it is more specific and short topic. And you should make the title specific accordingly. We will talk more about how to make the keyword more specific later in this article. For now you should make your title specific to a small topic if the keyword you are aiming to rank for is very competitive.

  • Optimize Title length

Ideal length of title for your blog post is 50-60 characters. If you look at search results you can see that Google displays titles under 60 characters. If title is longer than 60 characters Google wont display full title. It crops and displays first 50-60 characters only. So if you keep your blog post titles under 60 characters, full title will be displayed in the SERP.

  • Write eye Catchy title

Search for something on goggle, you will find many blog posts with attractive titles.

If you want the user to click on your blog post, it should have a meaningful and eye catchy title.

For that you should specify what your blog post is about in title. Title should say exactly what the user were searching for. So focus on a keyword to rank and add title that is exactly what someone searching that term on Google want.

Also you can make it eye catchy by adding curly braces at the end describing something.

For example, given below is an article in my website and look at the title. At the end it has curly braces saying “Complete Guide”. It describe my article as it is a step by step guide with everything in it.

If you are writing article about something data that changes year after year, add the year in curly braces.

Add eye catchy title title for your post

3. Write blog post as you are talking to your friend

write as you are talking to friend

Writing a perfect blog post is simple. When we read a blog post we should feel like the person is talking to us. It should be friendly and interesting. Break down the points and explain it as you are talking to a friend. And that what the word blog mean. If you google “blog meaning” you will see as shown in image below.

blog meaning - google search

The meaning itself has that it should be conversational. Be authentic while writing blog post.


how does writing blog posts like that benefit you ?

It can help you drive conversion or sell off a product. If the person reading your post feel like you are talking to them, they might trust you and may even click your affiliate links and buy the product you are recommending to them.

So you will get money.

Also if they enjoy reading your content they may subscribe to your email list and might wanna hear more from you.

Although it depends on the content and information you provide, the way you present it also matters. So your article must be informative and presented in a nice way.

It would be more interesting to read a blog article than a Wikipedia article. Hope you understood the difference.

How to do it ?

It’s very simple.

  • Use conversational words like ‘you’ and ‘I’.
  • Use simple language.
  • Include everything you might say in a conversation.
  • Use exclamation mark at the end of phrases or sentence which express very strong feeling.
  • Interact with them by asking what do you think ? or by asking any question like that. And say “Let me know in the comments”. So there is a chance that they leave a comment which help you rank on google.

Read others blog post’s so you will get an idea how they write it as a conversation. Maybe you can check out my own post’s.

4. Research more and find more information about your topic

write perfect blog post by doing research

Researching about a topic can help you write a perfect blog post that have potential to rank higher on google and bring traffic to your website.

Before writing my articles i do an in dept research about the topic so that i can make my blog post perfect. That’s why points in my article are true.

Be thorough about the topic you are gonna write about. Find as much as information about the topic from resources and write it in your own way.

Do an in depth research and know every points on the topic. A well researched article can rank higher on google easily because of it will be more helpful to user.

Think of every points that come under the topic. Write about it in detail. A beginner person should be able to understand the content.

Information should be relevant to the topic. Google consider it most while ranking.

Researched article will be more helpful to user as the points are true.

how to do research about a topic

Google the topic. Refer books. Get all information you need. Search about each and every new term that comes under topic and add it your articles.

5. Optimize your blog post for featured snippets

Here is the crucial part of optimizing content. You might have heard of featured snippets. Or you might have seen it but don’t know the term.

Featured snippets are tiny piece of content or information that is shown in search results. You see these when you search for something in google and the first result will be in a box with 2 or 3 sentences that is a direct answer to that query. This is what featured snippet is. Look at image below.

featured snippet - write a perfect blog post

Getting on featured snippet is important drive traffic to your website. Webmasters are in a competition to get their.

Featured snippets provide answer to the query and it is a feature by google for user to get answer faster without loading the website.

It is not that good for webmasters because if user get information in the search page itself, they wont get into your website. So it is kind of bad also.

But its is the first position in SERP and many people might click on the result to get information in detail. It’s only 2-3 sentence in the snippet. They will have to click if they want the rest of the content.

Personally i like featured snippets and i optimize my content for it.


As i said featured snippets are direct answer to the question, so you should do the same. If your blog post is a question like “how long does it take for hair to grow” then answer it in a short paragraph. It should be direct answer to the questions and should be the second paragraph of the blog post.

Featured snippets can be paragraph or bullet points or tables.

If some one type a long question in google most probably it will show a paragraph with answer.

question featured snippet - perfect blog post

If answer to the question is something done step by step or points or how you can do something, list spinets appear.

For example this query “How to create a WordPress website” cant be answered in a paragraph. It would be easy if it is a list. List of the thing you should do like purchase domain, buy hosting, install WordPress etc.. Table snippet appear if the it is some type of data which can be shown in the form of rows and columns. I hope you got an idea.

You have higher chance to win snippets if you write the question in an h2 tag and answer directly right after it.

What i have seen in my websites are list’s being on featured snippet. Most of my blog posts’s are long and contain some list of thing to do.

A tip for you is that bold the paragraph that is the direct answer to the question. I think bold tag might help to make the piece of content stand out from the rest showing google it’s important.

I hope now you got an idea on how to optimize for featured snippets.

6. Do keyword research

research about keyword for writing perfect blog post

Researching about the the keyword is important. You should choose your topic wisely. The keyword should have enough search volume. First of all let me give a brief description about what is keyword.

Keywords are words that people search on google. Pick a keyword for your blog post. Include these between the sentences.

Google uses it to determine what your article is about and rank your page in appropriate queries.

Search engines uses keyword to understand the content and categorize it.

Nowadays most SEO expert’s say keywords are dead but actually it isn’t. You wont rank on google by just stuffing keyword between your article.

But adding the right keywords in right amount is a factor to rank on google.

Adding the keyword excessive times is called keyword stuffing. You might get a penalty if you do that.

Before choosing a keyword you should check

  • if the keyword have enough search volume
  • It should be less competitive
  • if it is relevant to your topic

The keyword you choose should have the potential to bring traffic to your blog. Which means there should be enough people searching about it.

Search volume is number of searches a keyword has per month.

You can use keyword tools for determining search volume.They are tools like ubber suggest, semrush, and many more for doing keyword research.

The numbers shown in tools might not be exact correct number of searches for that keyword.

This is because they might not have enough data. For some keywords they show less search volume but a lot of people would be searching for it.

Uses of these tools are for getting related keywords and keyword variations and questions that are popular on the keyword.

Use can use these in your article for higher rankings.

These help search engines to understand more about your content and will help increase the relevancy of your content. Using right keyword variation help a lot in ranking higher in google.

Next important thing is that the keyword should be relevant to the topic. The keywords you add should be relevant to the topic.

These way you can write a perfect blog post which will rank on google.

How to check if keyword have enough search volume ?

You can do it by using tools or using google search itself.

Tools show you some numbers which are true in some cases. Let me quickly walk you through how to use semrush to get search volume.

semrush - keyword research

It is simple. Go to and sign up. Then enter you keyword in the search bar. It will bring you data about the keyword as shown above. It shows search volume, keyword variations, questions, search volume in different country’s, competition level and many more. That all about using Semrush.

Next is using Google search. Yeah ! you can determine if enough people search for specific query using google itself. All you need to do is start typing something you want to write about in the search bar and it will recommend you some search queries. These are the queries that other people likely search on google. Google recommend you what has been popularly searched on google before on that topic. Most likely the first recommendation would have enough search volume. So take it as your keyword. The above image will help you understand more about what i said.

keyword research using google search

I personally use this method to choose my keyword and this have got me higher ranking on google. This is how i chose my keyword for writing perfect blog post. Maybe you should try it !

7. Know your audience

know your audience to make blog post perfect

Knowing your audience is very important when writing a perfect blog post. You should know what type of content is trending on your niche. What people search for on that topic ? What they want ? These can help you write the type of content that people want and will be helpful for them. If the users are happy and spend more time on your website google will rank you more. So the content you write must be helpful for the user. If someone searches something, they should get the information they want from your article.

Research about the question that people type in google on your niche and write blog post answering that. As I said before tools like SEMrush will show you question related to the keyword.

related keywords in semrush

Spy on your competitors using these tools. If you enter a domain in SEMrush, it will show the traffic that domain gets. Also on which page the domain get traffic more and keywords that they rank in google. These way you can get more content ideas and know what type audience your competitors are getting. Try beating them on those keywords that they are ranking by writing better and perfect article.

8. Take care of on page SEO

On page SEO is important if you want o rank on search engines and drive traffic to your website. Without on page SEO, the blog post you write wont be perfect. There are many On page SEO factors that google and most search engines consider while ranking an article.

If you want to write a perfect blog post that can rank on google, optimizing on page seo is important. Here are some on page seo factors. You can check out my blog post “SEO for a brand new website” for more on page seo tips.

Meta description

perfect meta description - on page seo

Meta description is the description of a web page that tell what the page is about. You might have seen this appear on google right under the title of an article. You should optimize it with keywords and eye catchy words. Give sneak peak of your whole content which will make people want to read the rest of the article. This help you increase your CTR(click through rate). The keyword must be in the meta description. Most of the time google don’t pick the meta description you give and show it on search. It takes a part of your content on its own. But most cases google shows the meta description that you provide. Meta description help search engines and people to understand what a page is about.

Page Loading speed

page speed insights - optimize loading time

If a page takes to much time to load there is a high chance that the user would click back and go to next article. This increases bounce rate which badly affects your SEO. Bounce rate is the rate of people that bounce of from your website immediately after clicking. This is a signal to google that your website was not helpful and lower your rankings. For faster page loading speed you can do a number of things.

Website caching is a way to reduce loading by caching the page in the users device when they load for the first time. So second time they load the page it will be very fast as most of the content is stored in user’s device.

You can use a CDN (content delivery network) for faster delivery of your content. In simple words, these are servers located all over the world that store images,text,videos in your web pages to reduce loading time by shortening distance between the server and the user. If your server is placed in new York and someone from India loads your page, without CDN it will take time to load the content as the server is far away from the user. What CDN does here is that they store a copy of the page in their servers and deliver it from the nearest server to user. It will take less time as their server is placed in nearest location to the user.

While adding images to your blog post, compress it. Keep it under 100 kb. Tinypng is a website which i use to compress my images.

When a web page loads, all images and text is loaded at once and will take more time to load. We don’t need to load all of the images at once. It should load as user scrolls the page and this can reduce the load on the server. For this you can use image lazy load plugins in WordPress. I use a plugin called smush. It can compress the image as we upload it to the article. Also it has the feature to lazy load images. You can enable it in the plugin dashboard.

Install yoast seo plugin

Yoast seo is a WordPress plugin which will help you with more on page seo. I have been using this plugin since a long time. After installing and activating the plugin you will see Yoast on page seo customization options in the bottom every blog post and page in WordPress editor.

This plugin show all on page seo customization needed for your page. It will point out good things and bad things in blog post. Yoast also shows keyword density and how many times your keyword should appear.

it has option to add meta description for each page. So it is a great plugin in my experience.

9. Attractive design

attractive web design for your perfect blog post

Design your page blog post with widgets. Page should be good looking and person should feel to read it. Use a good handwriting for your pages. Handwriting plays important role in making people read. While using bullet points or list in your articles, change the bullet points to symbols or change color of the bullet points. In WordPress, you can content structuring plugins for this. Attractive design can help you reduce bounce rate. It would be more interesting to read a beautiful page with information structured in a nice way. Also use SVG image with animations if you can because these are very attractive on a web page. Your website shouldn’t have old web design. These days CSS is so advanced that you can create any design for your website.

Images make you blog post more attractive. People wouldn’t wanna read a bunch of text. It will be more interesting and easy to understand if it has images. You can add decorative images or images explaining something. Info graphs are also very helpful to understand the content. Info graphic contains points with images or animations. An image says a thousand words. Which is why you need to add more images. This a crucial thing for writing a perfect blog post. Add images that explain or visualize the the you write. You can use GIF, animated SVG or anything in your mind.

How to create images ?

blog post image editing - canva

Well i use an online tool called Canva and i highly recommend it. it have various templates and design which will match your need. You will also get templates for creating info graphs. They provide with images and illustrations too. Although you can use it for free, some images and templates cost money. Premium version of canva is also there with more features. You can check out if you are interested.

Outbound linking also called external link is a factor of on page SEO. It means linking to a different page from your website. For writing a perfect blog post for your blog, adding relevant external link to other web pages are import.

link to other resources - citations

On Alexa blog they said outbound linking as one of the most undervalued tactics in content marketing.

It does not affect SEO, but it will help the web page you are linking to rank higher on google.

If you want link from others you should give link to other pages. I don’t mean to link to your competitor because it wouldn’t be good for you. I mean link to blog post which cover a topic in your niche that you don’t wanna right about.

For example when you write blog post you will talk about different topic that comes under the main topic. And if you don’t want to write about more about it in detail, give link to someone who wrote article about it.

Like if you are writing about “7 tools to create images” and you write about different tools and features it has, but don’t want to write how to use them, then link to some other article which is about using them.

This will help users who wanted to know more about it in detail. Helping the reader should be the main aim of your article.

12. Answer most commonly asked questions

This will help improve your content a lot better. Answering questions on the topic will help reader get the information they want. You can make your topic itself a question and write article answering it. Benefit of doing this is that people search questions on google and the question is same as your title you have a higher chance appear on top and you will traffic. Ranking keyword is very hard, but in title is much easier. Length of the post can be under 1000 words for this type blog post.

You can get popular questions on a topic from semrush. If you search for a keyword in semrush, it will show questions on that keyword.

question about keyword in semrush
Questions on a keyword by semrush

Google search can be used to find popular question that people type in. You just need to open google and start typing how to or words that are used in the beginning of a question. Now google will suggest you question that most people search. These questions usually have a high search volume. In my case i would type “how to create a website” and google will suggest all the variations of that question.

use google search for finding questions

Now ranking on a question like that can be hard because it is very common thing that people type and there will be a lot of websites already ranking for them. But if i use the suggested question by google, it will be more easier because it is specific, less competition less and people would be searching for it compared to the main question.

13. Write Deep Content

Content is the main thing for writing a perfect blog post. Deep content ranks more on google. Take all the tips I have given and start writing an in depth article on a topic. After reading your article a person should not google again about something that on the topic. The article should be that much detail. Every point must be covered and should be presented in a way that people could get it fast.

Structure your content using subheadings. Add subheadings when writing a sub topic.

structure your content with subheadings

From my research on SEO, people usually don’t read your whole article. They read the part they want. So if it’s organized it will be easy for them to get the information they want.

Subheading will help them. I found this by adding a software to my website which will show the part where people spend time in my article. I found that people don’t read the whole blog post, only content under my subheadings.

That make sense because if I search for something, I would do the same. Read the part i want.

From that moment I started making my article more organized using subheading, bullet points, anime, etc…

Also spend more time on writing and perfecting the main content not the introduction. Very few people read the introduction.

  • Write lengthy articles If your article is not about answering a specific question, make it lengthy. Create detailed guide article on topics with more than 4000 words. This will help you rank better.
word count for a perfect blog post

According to SEO case study’s, articles with more words get more backlinks than articles with less words.

  • Break your points into sub headings and write more content under each headings.
  • If your competitor is writing about 6 tips for weight loss, then you should write on 10 or 12 tips for weight loss.
  • Add citations to some research page for proving your points. Also stats images of reasearches will be helpfull. This can make the reader trust you. Citing to theses resources by giving a link to it can be used to prove what you write.


When I write a blog post these are my strategies to make it perfect for ranking higher n google.

conclusion - start writing your perfect blog post

Now go a head and start writing your perfect blog post. Implement these and see the results.

These are all my strategies to improve and make my blog post perfect for ranking higher on search.

If you want any help regarding this, feel free to contact us. We provide services for seo optimizations and content writing.

if you want we will do it for you. Contact us at [email protected].

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Was this article helpful for you ? did you get new strategies for writing a perfect blog post ? Let me know in the comments.

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